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Aluminium Salt Bath Dip Brazing Process 

The principal of Aluminium Salt Bath Dip Brazing involves joining non melting metals at the brazing temperature by a brazing alloy that melts.  
To achieve this, the aluminium parts to be brazed must be ‘wetted’ by the filler metal in order to achieve a bond. Dip Brazing achieves this by immersing the structure to be brazed in a bath of molten flux which has the dual function of removing oxide on the aluminium and melting the brazing alloy. 
The advantages of Dip Brazing are perceived to be: 
Dip Brazed Liquid Cooled Structures can take high pressures of 50bar without leakage of fluid. 
Enclosures and Chassis are EMC Sealed due to continuous brazed joints. 
Low tooling costs. 
Modifications can be made easily between Prototypes, Qualification and Production Units. 
Dip Brazed Structures can be processed in finishes such as; Alodine, Surtec 650, Iridite NCP, Electroless Nickle, Anodising and Paint. 
Heat Exchangers can be built into Enclosures, Chassis and Cold Plates. 
Lightweight Aluminium Components can be manufactured using the Dip Brazing Process. 
Typical Manufacturing Quantities range from one to several thousand. 
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